How much does a survey cost?

by | Jul 26, 2023 | ALTA Survey, Boundary survey, Drone, Topographic

There are many different types of surveys, and each type of survey has its own specific amount of work that must be done in order to produce accurate results. Here are a few of the main types of surveys that are performed along with some factors that can influence the cost of the survey.

  1. Boundary Survey
    Factors that can influence the cost of a boundary survey include the following: size of the property, age of the property, amount of vegetation located on the property, and the purpose of the survey. A boundary survey can range anywhere from $400 upwards of thousands of dollars depending upon the complexity of the project.
  2. ALTA Survey
    This type of survey is most performed on commercial property. Factors that can influence the cost for an ALTA include those listed above for the boundary survey as well as items that may be selected on the ALTA Table A. The Table A Includes a list of additional items such as flood information, elevation information, right of way information and others. The more information that is requested, the longer it takes to complete the survey and perhaps increase the cost to complete the survey. ALTA Surveys are typically more expensive than boundary surveys and start around $750 and go up from there.
  3. Topographic Surveys
    This type of survey is typically performed for someone who is building on a lot or is needing to obtain contour information about the property. The factors that influence the cost of the topographic survey include the following: does the data need to be tied to the property corners, size of the site, vegetation, and the physical items requested to be shown on the drawing such as trees, vegetation lines, etc. With today’s technology topographic surveys may be able to be completed by using a drone. Most topographic surveys are quoted individually due to the nature of the projects, but a typical starting point would be around $750 and up.

The easiest way to know the cost of a survey is to contact a professional surveying company and provide project details including the address of the property, legal description if it is known, purpose of the survey, and what information you are hoping to obtain by getting a survey performed.


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