Surveyor’s Real Property Report

10 out of 10 (Google only has five stars to click on)! I was shopping around for flood insurance and discovered that I needed flood elevation certificates. Shelly and Will Clark helped me through every step in the process, including explaining what the certificates were for, how they could benefit my premiums (or hurt them), scheduling the work, and then walking me through the data on the final certificates. They also discovered one of the properties wasn’t technically in the flood plain and filed to have it removed, which only took a day! They were extremely prompt in getting back to every email or phone call I placed with them. They were honest, highly responsive, and very customer oriented. I could not have been happier, and will definitely use them in the future when the need arises!

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Surveyor’s Real Property Report

A Surveyors Real Property Report (referred to sometimes as a “spot” or mortgage inspection report) is used mainly by title and mortgage companies for someone who is purchasing a property.

Services received when ordering a SRPR

The location of permanent structures on a property is determined. Building lines and easements are shown on the drawing based on a recorded plat or title commitment if one is available. The drawing shows the structure locations in relationship to property, easement, and building lines.

What an SRPR does NOT include

The buyer does not typically receive “survey coverage” which may be required by some title companies. A SRPR does not mark actual property corners on-site, nor does it show fences, retaining walls, or other items close to the property lines. A SRPR cannot be used to build fences, decks or other improvements as it does not constitute a property boundary survey per state statute.

A SRPR is an approximation

A SRPR is subject to the results that an accurate boundary may disclose. The state of Missouri requires that a disclaimer be placed on all SRPR drawings and states that a SRPR has no warranty to current or future owners.