Underground Utilities

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This month we continue with a commercial real estate blog series that covers each item in an ALTA survey checklist, otherwise known as TABLE A. We will look at the benefits of each point in detail. An ALTA survey is typically utilized for commercial and industrial properties only. The requirements to perform an ALTA allow for several additional features to be added to the typical boundary survey.

11.Evidence of underground utilities existing on or serving the surveyed property (in           

     addition to the observed evidence of utilities required pursuant to Section 5.E.iv.) as

     determined by:

(a) plans and/or reports provided by client (with reference as to the sources of information)

(b) markings coordinated by the surveyor pursuant to a private utility locate request.

Note to the client, insurer, and lender – With regard to Table A, item 11, information from the sources checked above will be combined with observed evidence of utilities pursuant to Section 5.E.iv. to develop a view of the underground utilities. However, lacking excavation, the exact location of underground features cannot be accurately, completely, and reliably depicted. In addition, in some jurisdictions, 811 or other similar utility locate requests from surveyors may be ignored or result in an incomplete response, in which case the surveyor shall note on the plat or map how this affected the surveyor’s assessment of the location of the utilities. Where additional or more detailed information is required, the client is advised that excavation may be necessary.

This is probably one of the most requested items when it comes to having an ALTA survey performed. While the surveyor will locate any visible indicators of utility lines such as utility boxes, manholes, etc., there is no way for the surveyor to know where the lines run on the property nor where they connect to any of the buildings on the property. In the state of Missouri there is a free service through Missouri dig rite in which utility lines will be located. We have personally had greater success by hiring a private utility locating company to come out and mark the utility lines. Those markings are shown on the drawing and allow the property owner to know and understand where the connection for public service is occurring at. The utility companies that are commonly contacted include: electric, water, gas, sewer, telephone, and cable. Keep in mind that the information that is shown on the drawing is only as accurate as the utility locating companies provide to us.


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