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A Topographic survey (referred to sometimes as a “topo” or survey with contours) determines the grade or the “highs and lows” on a piece of property. A topographic survey will show the flow of water and drainage on a property or may be used to assist with establishing proper grading for construction sites.

Services received when ordering a Topo

Engineers, architects, municipalities and even FEMA can complete a Topo. Grade shots are taken at intervals which requires that both horizontal and vertical data is gathered. The data is then interpreted to create contour lines which show the “highs and lows” on a property.

Topographic Survey Cost

Cost varies on scope of project. Survey cost is based on:

  • The location of the property
  • The size of the lot
  • The age of the subdivision
  • The foliage coverage on the lot
  • Additional items requested such as trees, retaining walls, etc.

Property boundaries are not necessarily established with a Topographic Survey, but common items such as streets, large tress or structures can be noted as points of reference on the drawing.