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Plot Plans

A Plot plan is used for proposed construction. It is a drawing and typically little to no field work is done on the property for this type of service. A drafter at the survey company uses recorded information pertaining to the vacant lot. They then overlay the foot print of a proposed home (typically supplied by the client or an architect) onto the vacant lot to show where the new proposed home will be built.

Once the proposed Plot Plan is approved by local officials, a survey crew can then be hired to go out to the property and mark on the ground where the construction of the new home will be located, commonly referred to as a “house stake”.

A Boundary Adjustment Plat may be performed on a residential, commercial or industrial property. It is commonly used by someone who is moving or relocating a property line. If you are within a plated subdivision, a boundary adjustment plat is typically required by the municipality or county in which you reside.

Plot Plans

A boundary survey is performed on all properties that share a common line that is to be adjusted. The current location of the shared line is determined and an adjusted line created on the paper drawing (also referred to as a plat). After the Boundary Adjustment has been approved it can then be recorded.

Revisions and requests of change may be made by the municipality or county. Each one should be consulted with prior to having a Boundary Adjustment Plat created. A Boundary Adjustment may take a few weeks to several months to complete.