ALTA and ACSM Surveys

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) have jointly prepared a national land survey standard. The goal is to provide uniformity in real estate surveying information. An ALTA is completed to a national standard so that a national underwriter can easily review the results.

Items on ALTA Surveys, not typically seen on a Boundary Survey

Utility lines that may encumber the property. Property Flood zones that may affect the property. Gross land area/building square footage. Zoning and setback requirements. Detailed information such as; parking, signs, lights, etc. and location of nearest intersecting streets, curb cuts and more are provided to the property owner.

What is needed to order an ALTA Survey?

A current title commitment with a legal description of the property and list of easements and documents will be used to prepare the ALTA Survey drawing. A professional land surveyor will certify the ALTA Survey.

ALTA Surveys are typically more expensive and take more time, but the detail provided in the ALTA Survey is significantly more than then what is provided in a boundary survey. The ALTA survey request must come with a “Table A” form completed before the surveyor can proceed.

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