Surveyor’s Real Property Report

A Surveyors Real Property Report (referred to sometimes as a “spot” or mortgage inspection report) is used mainly by title and mortgage companies for someone who is purchasing property.

Services received when ordering a SRPR

Location of permanent structures on a property are determined. Building lines and easements are shown on the drawing based on a recorded plat or title commitment, if one is available. The drawing shows the structure locations in relationship to property, easement and building lines.

What a SRPR does NOT include

The buyer does not typically receive “survey coverage” which may be required by some title companies. A SRPR does not mark actual property corners on-site, nor does it show fences, retaining walls, or other items close to the property lines. A SRPR cannot be used to build fences, decks or other improvements as it does not constitute a property boundary survey per state statute.

A SRPR is an approximation

A SRPR is subject to the results that an accurate boundary may disclose. The state of Missouri requires that a disclaimer be placed on all SRPR drawings and states that a SRPR has no warranty to current or future owners.

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