Building a New Driveway Can Cause Problems

by | Apr 25, 2024 | ALTA Survey, Boundary survey

Back in 2013 we did a survey on a property and located all the improvements. At that point in time there were no issues on the property regarding concrete driveways for either itself or its neighbors.

In 2023, we performed a boundary survey on the neighboring property to the right. When we went to look for the survey monument we had previously set at the corner, it was missing. We quickly realized that a new driveway had been installed. I can only assume that the neighboring property did not have a survey done prior to having a new driveway put in. The driveway was built 0.7 feet onto the neighboring property.

This new driveway could cause some potential issues between the two properties. There is not an easement in place that allows for one homeowner to use the other homeowner’s property. A document would now need to be created that gives permissive use of the land for the guaranteed use of that driveway moving forward. If both parties don’t agree you could simply remove that portion of the driveway that is over the property line.

Most title companies will allow you to use a survey that is a year old or less, assuming that you are willing to attest that no changes have been made. The surveys were done about 10 years apart. Every time a change is made to a property issues may arise. Having a survey done initially makes you aware of the condition of the property. But you must be diligent over time to continue to be aware of where your property is.


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