Why Are Land Surveys So Expensive?

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Surveying Related

This dates back to a 1748 essay that Benjamin Franklin wrote that included the phrase “time is money”. Oddly enough, it has also been the title of a song, a film, a cartoon and is even a game on the Price is Right!

There are two main factors that surveyors take into consideration when calculating the cost to perform a survey:

  • Time: The surveyor will evaluate the amount of time they believe it will take to complete a project. Factors that are commonly considered are:
    • Size of the property being surveyed – the larger the property the more time it will take.
    • Amount of foliage/tree coverage on the property – the heavier the coverage, the longer it will take as crews may have to “cut through the woods” to get to the back of the property.
    • Age of the area – newer construction areas are typically easier to survey than areas that are 60+ years old.
    • Corners vs. lines – if a client requests for just the corners to be marked, it will be less expensive than marking points along the property line; however, on large tracts, you typically can’t see from corner to corner and the real value becomes those points along the lines.
    • Proximity of the property being surveyed to the company’s location – travel time may become a factor.
  • Expenses: These would be the hard costs associated with the project such as:
    • Research and record costs charged by the Recorder of Deeds, title companies, etc.
    • Equipment costs if specialty equipment is needed.

Costs can vary from company to company based on these factors. Most companies provide a no cost, no obligation quote for their services. But as Gabriel Bell warned in the fifteenth century, “You get what you pay for”.

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