What Kind of Survey Does a Title Company Need?

by | Jul 21, 2022 | ALTA Survey, Commercial

Professional Land Surveyors play a unique role in the purchase and sale of property, regardless if it’s residential or commercial. They work hand-in-hand with title companies during the process. The role of the title company is to ensure the ability for a piece of land to be purchased and sold and then have the deed transferred from one owner to another. The title company’s work pertains to whether or not a parcel can be sold and if anyone else has an interest in that parcel. The product that they provide is insurance to protect that interest, the property. A majority of the work performed by the title company is research pertaining to the deed on the property and any liens or judgments against that property.

Because the majority of their work can be done at the recorder of deeds office, there is very little reason for them to actually visit the property during this process. Their expertise lie in research. They then utilize that research to create a report called a title commitment. That commitment is used by surveyors to then physically go to the property and perform a survey. The role of the land surveyor becomes the eyes and sometimes ears of the title company at a property.

There are two main types of properties that title companies and surveyors work together with: residential and commercial. Residential properties are typically pretty clear cut. They are a Lot in a subdivision with established and recorded easements that are easy to trace and understand. Commercial properties are much more complex and typically have many more encumbrances or easements located on them. Because commercial properties are typically larger and more valuable in nature, the title company wishes for a more a detailed report from the surveyor.

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) have worked collectively to create an option that is specifically geared towards commercial property. This type of survey product is often referred to as an ALTA survey. This type of survey goes much more in depth than a typical residential boundary survey.

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