What Is A Lot Consolidation Plat?

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Surveying Related

A lot consolidation is requested by someone who wants to take multiple existing lots and combine them to create fewer “new” lots creating “consolidating” the lots.

What type of property can be consolidated?

A residential, commercial or industrial property may be split. This includes property that is either a part of an existing recorded subdivision or a tract of land.

Items to think about – EASEMENTS

One of the most difficult and time consuming parts about performing a Lot Consolidation is getting existing easements on the properties vacated.  For example, if you are combining 2 lots into 1 lot, just because you combine the overall lot square footage and dimensions – it does NOT vacate the existing easements that may have existed on the original lots.  Every utility company that has rights to those areas must be contacted and asked to vacate the area. If they refuse to vacate, then you may not want to consolidate the lots as you may not be able to use the lots as you intended.

Services received when ordering a Lot Consolidation Plat

  • A boundary survey is performed on the properties based on the legal descriptions provided by the client, such as current deeds.
  • The current owner/owners of the properties will then identify the location of the “new” lot/lots. The “new” lots must meet all planning and zoning requirements regarding lot size and frontage.
  • After being approved by the municipality or county, the surveyor will create a preliminary Lot Consolidation Plat. Once all parties agree on the split (owner, lien holder, planning and zoning, etc.), a final version of the plat is created.
  • The surveyor will set new survey monuments to denote the new property corners. The final plat has to be signed by the current owner(s), lien holder(s) (if there is a current note owed on the properties) and proper municipal representatives.
  • Once the plat is recorded, a new property description(s) is then provided to the property owner. An attorney or title company can then create and file the new deeds for the new properties created.

Lot Split Timelines

A Lot Split may take a few weeks to several months to complete. The initial contacting of the utility companies may take weeks or even months. The initial field work and plat preparation can take 2-4 weeks. Depending upon planning and zoning requirements, the property owner may be required to attend a meeting to present the request, which can take an additional 1-2 months. Obtaining the final signatures is the final step, and depending upon if your lien holder is local or not can take several days to several weeks. Contact us to learn more or set up an appointment for a professional land surveyor to review your property. 

Information provided should not be considered legal advice and all buyers, agents and title companies should consult their attorneys for legal advice.