The Surveying Process

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What do land surveyors do? What’s the process?

Our surveyors work in the office and the field. It is a job that is rooted deeply in mathematics, geo-location (fancy for GPS), and even measuring distances in the sky.

Though the process is lengthy and has many steps, here is an accurate break down a day in the life of a land surveyor:


  • The survey company receives authorization by the property owner or a potential buyer to perform a survey by means of a signed work order form.
  • Client provides property information to the Surveyor. Surveyor performs research needed to make the necessary calculations.
  • The survey field crew goes to the property and measures the house and any permanent, non-movable improvements.
  • The crew searches for subdivision survey monuments (iron pipes, rebar, cotton spindles, railroad ties, crosses, etc.)
  • If a Surveyors Real Property Report is being performed, a minimum of 2 survey monuments are found, but they are not verified to be correct.
  • If a boundary survey is being performed, ample survey monuments are found to verify the correct location of the property corners for our property.
  • The survey crew will then use a total station or similar instrument to measure distances and angles to verify the location of the house and improvements on the lot.
  • With a boundary survey, all of the property’s corners are then either verified to be correct or reset if necessary and are visibly marked.
  • The information from the field crew is given to a drafter who uses the information to create a “drawing” of the property. Information is used from the subdivision plat and title work to establish lot dimensions, building lines, and easements.
  • The facets of the project are reviewed by a Licensed Professional Land Surveyor.
  • The final copies are delivered to the client and/or title company along with an invoice. If a title company is involved, costs for the survey can typically be included in the buyers closing costs.


It’s a meticulous job, but we take it very seriously and never miss a detail.

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Information provided should not be considered legal advice and all buyers, agents, and title companies should consult their attorneys for legal advice.