Survey Nightmares: Oh Snap – I Don’t Own That?

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Surveying Related

Obviously if I’m using something then it belongs to me – right? That’s not quite how it works when it comes to owning property. Regardless of use, you own what your deed says you own. This is an example where a skeet club was clearly using land that they didn’t own, as their deed did NOT include Tract 3 in it.

  • Gravel road – The road came onto Tract 3 by 267.8 feet and ran almost the entire length of the property (approximately 1,000 feet). We’re not talking about a few inches here – this is clearly located onto property that the skeet club didn’t own.
  • Shooting stations – A total of 5 shooting stations are located onto Tract 3. The furthest one is located onto Tract 3 by 139.3 feet.

If you’re under the impression that what you see is what you own – hopefully this example will make you think twice about that. Having a boundary survey performed is one way to find out exactly what you own. It will also show you if someone else is using your property. Make sure you Know What You Own – if you have questions please call us at 636.922.1001 or email us at [email protected].