Not Just Another Picket Fence

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Surveying Related

Imagine you just bought a new house. You look at your fenced in backyard, ready to mow and manicure your new land for years to come.

But here’s the problem, you may not own all the land inside the fence or worse, you may own land that is located outside of the fence! Do you really know what land you own beyond the picket fence?

Owning property can be a complex situation. What you can do with it depends, in part, on where the property line ends and where it is situated.

We have broken it down to three very important things to think about when determining what you can do with your property and what you need to do:

Here’s the solution: Have a boundary survey (stake survey) performed!

Visible items such as fences, mow lines, and utility poles/boxes are not necessarily an accurate reflection of what property you actually own. Professional Land Surveyors are licensed through the state and their purpose is to determine the location of property corners. Surveyors use county recorded information to determine the precise location of your property corners. That information can establish the perhaps invisible “line” that exists between the two corners, establishing your property.

There are many facets to owning property. Having a knowledgeable resource, such as a REALTOR®, can make property ownership easier. They can be a wealth of knowledge and refer credible resources to you for any situation that may arise.

Stay tuned to learn more important things to know about owning property!