How To Read An Elevation Certificate Part 2

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Flood Zones

An Elevation Certificate (EC) contains a wealth of information regarding a property and its risk of being flooded. The EC is performed by a Professional Land Surveyor or Engineer. This article further discusses the second half of the EC, please refer to the image below. Click here to view Part One

Section D.
This section is where a Professional Land Surveyor or Engineer provides his/her information. It is also where their seal is affixed to the document. You must have the seal and signature to represent a complete document.

Section E.
In the event that the property is located in Zone AO or in Zone A (without a BFE) section E will be filled out by the Surveyor and submitted to FEMA for further investigation and consideration.

Section F.
In the event that the homeowner fills out any of the information in Section A, B or E, they must sign and provide their contact information in this section.

Section G.
This section is for use by the Flood Plain Admistrator and can contain permit information, information from elevation certificates previously completed by licensed surveyors or engineers, and their contact information.

Building Photograph per Item A6.
The remaining pages provide for a place for photos of both the front view and rear view of the property can be added.  A minimum of one photo of each is required.

While an EC can seem overwhelming, knowing which data is most important will help you better understand the final results. Once an EC is completed, it is provided to an insurance agent, who will then be able to advise as to whether or not you will need to carry flood insurance on the structure.


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