How long is an Elevation Certificate Good For?

by | May 12, 2020 | Flood Zones

An Elevation Certificate (EC) doesn’t have an expiration date per say, but there are some factors that do play a role in determining if an EC is still “good”.

First thing to keep in mind is to consider if the FIRM been updated? The Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) are updated periodically. The updates frequently revise the location of the areas that are deemed to be at risk for flooding. If the map has been updated since the EC was performed, it is no longer up to date with the current map. A new EC would be required.

Next we need to think about who performed the work? Is the company, professional land surveyor, or engineer who performed the elevation certificate still in business? If they are not, the certificate may not be accepted by the insurance company. This requirement varies from company to company.

So while an EC doesn’t expire, it may become outdated and no longer accurately depict if a property is in, near or out of a flood zone. You can visit for more information regarding FIRMs.

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