Can you get title insurance without a survey?

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Surveying Related, Title Insurance

When purchasing or refinancing a home, part of the process is to get a title company involved. In layman’s terms, their purpose is to research the property’s deed history and ensure that there is a viable legal way to transfer that ownership from one person to another.

A part of the assurance that a title company provides includes an insurance policy attesting to their work and your ability to own the property. In the event that an error is made regarding that ability, the insurance policy kicks in to protect the financial investment made.

The title insurance typically covers the lender/mortgage company, as well as the person purchasing the property. Within that policy there is also a portion of the policy that specifically addresses surveying related issues.

Typically, the lender will automatically receive the survey insurance on their policy. However, the purchaser of the property is only provided survey coverage if they have a boundary survey performed on the property prior to closing.

More details regarding the items that are and are not covered by the insurance are typically found within the title commitment, under Schedule B Section II. Under the standard exceptions (ie. items NOT covered by the policy) you will find the language regarding the survey.

Be advised, that even if a boundary survey is performed, there may still be items that the title company will not insure or assume liability for, such as a fence located on the wrong property. It would be advantageous to have the survey performed well in advance of the closing date so that if any concerns arise, they can be discussed in depth with the title company to ensure that everyone is well informed and insured properly.

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