But I Need MORE Information!

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Boundary survey, Common Ground, Property Lines, Surveying Related

There are times when you may need more information than what a standard boundary and improvement survey may show. You may in fact need more than just the property corners marked showing just one point along the property line. We can provide you with as much information as you would like to fit the needs of your project.

A typical boundary survey drawing depicts the information that is found while field work was being performed. The information on that drawing includes items such as the house, garage, shed, fence, driveway, deck, etc. We can however show other items at the request of the homeowner.

Look at this example where a homeowner was very concerned regarding the location of a fence and the neighbor’s tree. We were able to go out and perform a boundary survey, identify all property corners, and then provide a very detailed drawing that showed the exact location of the fence and the tree in question.

The homeowner was then able to have a conversation with the neighbor regarding the location of the tree and its maintenance. There are times when information such as this detailed drawing could be used by an attorney in a court.

Keep in mind that the expertise of a land surveyor is to determine where a property is located and what improvements are located on the property. We are not attorneys and are not qualified to advise as to how to proceed once you have this information. That is an entirely different set of laws that do not fall within our jurisdiction.


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