Boundary Adjustment Plat

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    • This is used by someone who wants to “move” or “re-locate” a property line.


  • A boundary adjustment plat is typically required by the municipality or county in which you reside if you are located within a plated subdivision.


We perform Boundary Adjustment Plats on the following types of properties:


  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


A Boundary Adjustment Plat typically includes the following services:


A boundary survey is performed on all the properties that share the common line that is to be adjusted. The current location of the shared line is determined. Based on information provided by the owners of all the properties involved, an adjusted line is created on paper drawing (called a plat) to represent the new location of the shared property line.


After approval by the municipality or county, the Boundary Adjustment Plat can be recorded. New property descriptions are then recorded to reflect the change in property ownership for all properties involved. There can be several revisions and requests of change made by a municipality or county. Each governing body handles the process differently and each should be consulted with prior to having a Boundary Adjustment Plat created.


Note: The time frame in which this type of project can be completed ranges from a few weeks to several months. Many municipalities only meet monthly and requests for revisions can slow the process down.



Boundary Adjustment Plat costs vary depending on scope of project.

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Survey cost is based on:

  • The location of the property
  • The size of the lot
  • The age of the subdivision
  • The foliage coverage on the lot

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