ALTA vs Boundary

by | Jul 14, 2023 | ALTA Survey

There are several different types of surveying services available to most companies and individuals. Each type of survey has a very specific purpose and provides information related to the project. It is important that the surveyor understands what the project needs are prior to performing the survey to ensure that the right type of survey is being requested.

The two most common types of survey requested are the boundary survey and the ALTA survey. Here is a quick overview of the two products.

Boundary Survey

This type of survey is performed in accordance with the state statutes. Those statutes address items concerning the type observing monument that can be used, the amount of error that is admissible between survey monuments, the process in which we survey, and the process in which we create the survey drawing.

ALTA survey (American Land Title Association)

This type of survey is performed in accordance with the American land title association guidelines. The state statutes continue to represent the minimum standard, but the ALTA survey adds additional items that are typically more relevant when working on a commercial property. This type of product allows title company underwriters to have a national standard for surveying products that they receive.

Simply said, an ALTA survey is a boundary survey on steroids. There are many more optional items that can be shown on an ALTA survey than what come standard on a boundary survey. Boundary surveys are more typically utilized for residential lots and ALTA surveys are more typically utilized for commercial property.


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