ALTA Surveys – Surveys on Steroids (Part 1)

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Surveying Related

An ALTA Survey is basically a boundary survey on steroids. The minimum requirements for boundary surveys in the state of Missouri either meet or exceed the American Land Title Associations (ALTA) national requirements for surveys.  However, ALTAs can be much more in depth than what we show on a typical boundary survey. The ALTA Table A provides over 20 different “add ons” to the surveying process.  Many of the items that we would consider to be standard for an ALTA survey are as follows:

  • Monuments placed at all corners of the boundary of the property
  • Address(es) of the surveyed property
  • Gross land area
  • Exterior dimensions of all buildings at ground level
  • Substantial features in addition to improvements (e.g. parking lots, signs, pools, landscaped areas, etc.)
  • Number and type of parking spaces along with parking striping location
  • Location of utilities as determined by: observed evidence, plans/plats from utility companies/client, markings made by a utility locate company (Dig Rite in Missouri)
  • Adjoining property owner name(s) according to tax records

The remaining 15 items are not as commonly requested, but do have a place. At a minimum, when ordering an ALTA survey – we would recommend the above items be requested to get a comprehensive overview of the entire property.