If we can’t see it, it clearly doesn’t exist – right? That’s not the case when it comes to easements. Now that it’s standard practice for electric, phone and cable lines to be buried, rarely do we “see” the full picture of where the utility companies are allowed to put their lines. However, there are several resources available to assist you in knowing who has permission, and more importantly where they have permission to use your property:

  • Subdivision Plat – The subdivision plat has all the easements shown on it that were in effect at the time that the subdivision was created. It also lists all the companies who have permission to use the easement areas.
  • Title Commitment – The title commitment lists all of the easements of record in the Schedule B Section II, which will typically include the name of the company/person who has an easement granted to them, along with the recorded Deed Book and Page of that document. The document is available at the Recorder of Deeds office
  • Dig-Rite or Utility Marking Company – The state of Missouri offers a free program that will come to your property and locate (typically with paint and pin flags) the actual location of the lines being run on the property. They do not typically locate service lines (ex. water line that runs off the main water line into your home).

Don’t leave it to chance – easements are not typically visible to the naked eye. A Boundary Survey or Surveyors Real Property Report will show you graphically (on paper) where the easements are located on your property. Knowing the conditions of the property, including easement location, can help determine if that lot is the right property for you. Please contact us at 636.922.1001 or email us at [email protected] for more details.