To date, Cardinal Surveying & Mapping has performed over 27,500 surveys in the greater St Louis area. Out of all those surveys rarely do we come across something as drastic as what we found last month.

Here’s the quick version:

A title company contacted us to perform a boundary survey for a gentleman who was purchasing a property in Troy, Missouri. While a majority of our clients purchase in St Charles and St Louis counties, we also service Lincoln, Warren and Jefferson County. We put a bid together and was ultimately hired for the job.

Using the recorded subdivision plat and legal description that was provided by the title company, and the survey monuments that we found, we came to the conclusion that the house was not located on the lot that the buyer was purchasing (the house was located on Lot 9). The lot that they were purchasing, Lot 10, was vacant with the exception of some gravel.

Can you image how your client would feel if they actually bought a vacant piece of land when they thought they were buying a piece of land with a house on it? I can only imagine the headache this has become for the current owner and neighbor, as well as their lenders. Title companies and attorneys will likely have to get involved to resolve the multiple issues that arise in a situation like this.

So when your client asks “Why should I get a survey?” remember that the purpose of the boundary survey is to “Make it known what you own”. Take the guess work out of knowing what improvements (house, fencing, concrete, etc.) are located ON your lot as well as OFF the lot being purchased.

And for those of you who are curious – this is the second time in our company history that we have found a house to be located on the incorrect lot.

Information provided should not be considered legal advice and all buyers, agents and title companies should consult their attorneys for legal advice.