Property lines are typically determined by knowing where your property corners are located. Here is how it works:

  • Locate the survey monuments at each property corner
  • Using a string, tie the string on one monument and stretch it to the monument at the opposite end of the line
  • Pull the line taught to establish the “line” between the corners

Keep in mind, while this process will technically determine the location of the property line, the court systems recognize that property lines may not always be a straight line between two points. They have, in fact, in many rural properties, held up meandering lines where old fences zig-zagged around trees, brush lines, waterways, etc. The fences were determined to be the property line, not the straight line between two points.

In most urban and suburban scenarios though, it is pretty common to assume that the property line is a straight line between two points.

The challenge now becomes in finding the property corners – and finding YOUR property corners to determine the property lines. Hiring a land surveyor to find, locate and verify the property corner location is key in making sure you know where your line is.

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