A land survey has three main components to it:

  1. Performing research
  2. Performing field work
  3. Publishing the results

Simple, in order for a professional land surveyor to know which property to survey, research must be performed. Research can often include visiting the Recorder of Deeds office, obtaining a copy of the deed on the property which shows the legal description, and acquiring a copy of the recorded subdivision plat. Those documents are then used to establish the record ownership of a particular property. The information obtained would include lot dimensions, bearings and azimuths of property lines. This information is then provided to the field crew.

The field crew utilizes the information to search and look for existing property corners. They utilize existing survey monumentation to mathematically determine the location of the properties. The field crew will apply state statutes to determine the exact location of the property corners. If monuments do not exist at those corners, they will set new monuments and mark those corners so that the property owner can visually locate them. In addition to establishing property corners the field crew will also locate improvements on the lot which would include items such as the house, concrete, wood decking, fences and any visible items.

The field crew will then take their notes along with the data compiled and provide it to a drafter. The drafter will then utilize the recorded research along with the field data to generate a survey drawing. The survey drawing will show the monuments and improvements that were located by the field crew. A licensed land surveyor reviews the work to ensure that the results found are accurate. That drawing is then provided to the client for their personal use. Surveys are typically not recorded at the recorder of deeds and are for use by the individual who ordered the work.

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