Why is a survey needed?

by | Aug 10, 2023 | Land Surveying

There are many different reasons why a survey may be completed. Here are a few examples we commonly see in the surveying industry.

Purchasing a Home

It is very common to have a property surveyed when you are getting ready to close on a home. The purpose of the survey is to show you physically on the property where your land is located along with identifying any improvements located on that lot such as the house, fence, etc. When you purchase a home the title company that is used to transfer the ownership issues you and insurance policy to validate the transfer. In addition, if a boundary survey is performed, they also issue survey insurance coverage on your title policy. It may also be a requirement of the lender to have a survey performed.

Legal Description

In the event where you are splitting a parcel into multiple tracks or you are combining multiple tracks into a single parcel, a new legal description would be needed to describe that property. Land surveyors can perform the necessary field work and can create a written description of the land in its new format.

Building An Improvement

When you are going to make changes to your property such as building a fence, adding an addition onto your house, having a swimming pool installed, etc. it is wise to make sure that you are building those items on your property. Frequently municipalities will require a boundary survey to obtain the necessary permits to make the improvements on your property.

The main reason why you would have a survey performed is because you want to know what land you own and do not own, and you want to know what items are located on that land. Having a boundary survey performed will make it known what you own.


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