What is the use of land surveying?

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Land Surveying, Surveying Related

There are several purposes for having a land survey performed on your property. Here are a few of the different types of surveys and what their use is:

  1. Boundary survey. The purpose of this survey is to determine the location of a property. You frequently have a boundary survey performed when you are purchasing a property or getting ready to build on your lot. Many municipalities require a boundary survey as a part of the permitting process.
  2. Surveyors’ real property report. The purpose of this report is to verify to the mortgage company and title company that improvements (such as a house) are located on a lot that is being purchased. This type of product cannot be used for building or property line establishment.
  3. Topographic survey. The purpose of this survey is to show contouring of the land. In addition, vegetation lines and trees are frequently located and shown on this report. This type of survey can be helpful for determining water flow on a property.
  4. Elevation Certificate. This is the product that can be used if a property is in or near a flood zone. The certificate establishes the elevations of the building on the property to determine if they are in or out of the flood zone.
  5. As built. This is the type of survey that is commonly performed after all construction is completed on a site. This is a term that is commonly associated with commercial property. This would be the final survey report and would be all inclusive of a boundary survey showing all of the improvements located on the lot.
  6. Property line locate. The purpose of a property line locate is to specifically target in mark one property line. This is more common in rural areas where property lines can exceed several hundred feet. A single property line in a residential area typically requires as much work as a full boundary and therefore a boundary survey is recommended.

Ultimately, the purpose of having a survey performed is to identify and learn about a property and its location.


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