ALTA Survey Checklist #7: Dimensions

by | Jan 23, 2024 | ALTA Survey

This month we continue with a commercial real estate blog series that covers each item in an ALTA survey checklist, otherwise known as TABLE A. We will look at the benefits of each point in detail. An ALTA survey is typically utilized for commercial and industrial properties only. The requirements to perform an ALTA allow for several additional features to be added to the typical boundary survey.

  1. (a) Exterior dimensions of all buildings at ground level.

          (b) Square footage of:

                       (1) exterior footprint of all buildings at ground level.

                       (2) other areas as specified by the client.

           (c) Measured height of all buildings above grade at a location specified by the client. If no location is specified, the point of measurement shall be identified.

During the process of performing the survey, the surveyor will measure all the permanent locations located onto the property. This could include items such as buildings, detached sheds, covered parking areas, etc. These items can be shown graphically on the survey drawing and at the request of the property owner the buildings and structures can be labeled with dimensions. In addition to creating the footprint for the buildings, the height of the buildings can also be determined which can be helpful with multiple story buildings.


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