Why do I need a survey drawing?

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Land Surveying, Surveying Related

There are three main components of having a survey performed: research, field work, and publishing the results. There are many reasons why a survey drawing is needed when having a survey performed. Here are a few of the main points.

  1. Missouri State Statute. We produce a drawing because it’s required by law. There is a state statute in Missouri that states when a survey is performed a drawing must be produced to show the results of the survey research and field work.
  2. Going to Court. If you are going to court due to a dispute with a neighbor or some other reason, the court system is going to require that a survey drawing be submitted as evidence. That survey drawing must have a licensed land surveyor seal on the drawing to be accepted as admissible evidence in the courts.
  3. The survey drawing is what holds the surveyor accountable for the work that they have performed. It is the document that shows the survey monumentation and additional items that are required by state statute. This document then creates a history of the property and the survey monuments located on that property.
  4. Future use. You may have a survey performed today but you may not use the information from that survey for several months or years. Having a survey drawing in your records can be beneficial for when you are ready to complete the project that requires surveying information. The drawings can be used to obtain permits and can assist a future buyer of your home during a real estate transaction.

A drawing represents the work that was completed by the licensed land surveyor. A drawing shows information pertaining to your property including lot size, dimensions, possibly improvements and easements and can be a resource for years to come.


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