Who is NSPS/ACSM and Why Should You Care

by | Jun 27, 2023 | ALTA Survey, Commercial, National Society Of Professional Surveyors, NSPS, Surveying Related

NSPS is the acronym for the National Society of Professional Surveyors. There is a state association (Missouri Society of Professional Surveyors- MSPS) as well as a local chapter for Saint Louis. The NSPS merged with the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) in 2012.

These organizations all strive to keep surveyors “in the know” about current legislation, technology advancements, case studies, etc. They also provide the opportunity for surveyors to network with one another and collaborate.

As is the case with most professions, we all look to continue to better ourselves and remain relevant in today’s world. These organizations assist the surveying community with that information.

Another key component for these organizations is their involvement with state licensure. In order to practice land surveying, you must either have a license from the state or you must be working directly under the supervision of a licensed surveyor. These organizations assist with the tests, the continuing education requirements, and the general welfare of our licensees. They keep us accountable to ensure the public’s continued benefit of having knowledgeable professionals.


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