Who Are the People Involved in Performing a Land Survey?

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Surveying Related

Like most industries, professional land surveyors are experts in their field. However, it takes an entire team to fully execute a survey. Here is a list of the people and their roles and having a boundary survey performed.

  • Administrative Assistant
    Their role is to coordinate the entire project from start to finish. They are the initial point of contact with the title company, REALTOR®, or client. They perform the initial research which often includes interaction with the county assessor and the county recorder of deeds along with the title company.
  • Senior drafter/Professional Land Surveyor
    Their role is to take the research completed and create the calculations and obtain information needed to perform the boundary survey out at the property.
  • Field Crew
    Their role is to perform the necessary work in the field at the property to determine the location of the property being surveyed. They are also charged with locating all the improvements on the lot including the house, concrete, fences, utility related items that are visible, etc. The equipment that they use ranges from traditional total stations to GPS units to drone technology. They are also utilizing handheld data collectors and tablets to store and manipulate the data obtained in the field. They are responsible for locating, verifying, and setting survey monuments at property corners.
  • Drafter
    Their role is to take the data obtained by the field crew and create a survey drawing that represents the information found. They will also utilize the documents referenced in the title commitment as well as documents provided by the recorder of deeds to verify the location of the property.
  • Professional Land SurveyorTheir role is to oversee the entire project and ensure that the project is performed and completed according to Missouri State statute. They oversee the entire process and work collectively to ensure that the field crew obtains accurate information.

Most companies have multiple crews working at any given point in time. The training, education, and expertise that the professional land surveyor has is what defines a surveying company. Surveying is not only a science but also an art.


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