ALTA Survey Table A items Part 2

by | Mar 13, 2023 | ALTA Survey

We started the discussion last month regarding the unique characteristics of an ALTA survey and the flexibility that it provides for the client. Because this is a much more intensive look at a property, there are many additional items that can be addressed by the survey. The Table A provides a list of 19 standard items that can be added to the plat or map being provided by the surveyor. Here is a list of the last ten items provided by Table A.

  1. The location of common party walls.
  2. Evidence of utilities including underground utilities as shown on plans or by markings placed by a private utility company locator as well as visible utility indicators such as utility poles, utility pedestals, manholes, etc.
  3. Governmental agencies survey related requirements such as surveys for leases on managed land by the Bureau of Land Management, HUD surveys, etc.
  4. Names of adjoining property owners including current deed and or tax related information.
  5. The distance and location to the nearest intersecting street.
  6. The ability to use orthophotography, photogrammetric mapping, remote sensing, airborne/mobile laser scanning and other similar products, tools, or technologies to show the basis of location of certain features as requested by the client.
  7. Evidence of recent earthmoving work, construction, or building additions.
  8. Proposed changes in street right of ways, sidewalks, etc.
  9. The plotting of any easements not shown in the title commitment that may benefit the property being surveyed.
  10. Proof of a liability insurance policy obtained by the surveyor that reflects the minimum requested amount according to the client.

In addition to these 10 of 19 items there is also an additional 20th line that is left blank where the client can write in any specified requests that do not fall under these standard items. The purpose of this survey is to provide the most comprehensive and complete report possible for the property. It is intended to be an all-inclusive drawing or plat.


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