Cardinal Surveying 15 Year Anniversary Recap

Shelly and Will Clark of Cardinal Land Surveying company has a little to say to all of those wonderful people who have made them a success in St. Charles and St. Louis Counties. You are loved and appreciated. Watch Our Video!

Lifespan Of A Survey

Is it ok to use an old property survey? Shelly Clark of Cardinal Surveying has the info you need about the age of your survey.

Video Transcript snippet:
“Let’s talk first about let’s talk about whether or not you can use an old survey …”

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Who Is Cardinal Surveying?

Shelly Clark tells us a little about Cardinal Surveying and Mapping and how the team matters to the St. Louis community.

Land Surveying Experts, 32,000 + Property Boundary Surveys

Surveys and Surveyor’s Real Property Reports

Shelly Clark tells us what the differences are between the survey types and surveyor’s real property reports.

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