Mindy West
Keller Williams Realty
Cardinal Surveying is a company that I never think twice about using. Being in real estate, it is important for my client to understand how vital it is to get a survey before purchasing a home. I always use examples of a couple specific situations where Cardinal Surveying has come through for me and saved the day. One situation involved a property that had been conveyed with the wrong legal description 18 times. The previous surveyors and title companies used the wrong subdivision plat. The other situation involved a buyer that was buying a house and 2 lots, however, the title company only had the legal description of one lot. So if Will hadn't done the survey and noticed this error, then my buyer would have legally only purchased the one lot. In both situations, Shelly & Will, went above and beyond to correct the error and make sure my clients were taken care of. They are so great at what they do! They are charitable, professional and really care about their customers and community...what more could you ask for in a small business! Thanks Will & Shelly for all that you do!